The Italian National Consortium “Idee in Rete” was established in 2003 to bring together cooperative enterprises that operate with the aim of building generative welfare. Based in Pinerolo, Italy, it is associated with Confcooperative by which it is recognized as a National Consortium. Idee in Rete operates with entrepreneurial tools, promoting among its members and outside the culture of ethical social enterprise, aware of the promotion of rights and processes of social inclusion. It recognizes itself as part of the cooperative movement and actively works to recognize its ethical, strategic and organizational policies.

Today Idee in Rete has 15 members operating throughout Italy. Most of the members are themselves second level consortia. A total of 130 social enterprises operate in different contexts and adhere to the national consortium sharing its vision, organizational structures and activities.

The main tasks of Idee in Rete are:

  • to promote the exchange of skills between members, facilitating the retrieval of resources and the establishment of bonds of trust.
  • to operate directly in supra-local and national initiatives.
  • to offer members the possibility of dialogue with national and European stakeholders and supports members in defining strategies and relationships useful for the achievement of their mission.
  • to support the communication functions with the publication of studies, events and publications.

Idee in rete
Terzo Alpini Square, 1 Postal Code: 10064, Pinerolo, Italy
Tel: +39 0121377584
President: Marco Gargiulo
Type of organisation or institution: National Consortium of Social Cooperative Enterprises